Tribal Operations
The Tribal Operations Program has been administered by the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe since 1990 under a P.L. 638 Contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The program is responsible for carrying out duties associated with Tribal Enrollment, Tribal Operations, and general administration.

It is the goal of Tribal Operations to assist individuals who are seeking enrollment into the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.

The Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, in Article II-Membership, defines the requirements for membership into the Tribe as follows:

Section 1. The membership of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall consist of the following:

(a) Basic Membership Roll. All persons of Minnesota Chippewa Indian blood whose names appear on the annuity roll of April 14, 1941, prepared pursuant to the Treaty with said Indians as enacted by Congress in the Act of January 14, 1889 (25 Stat. 642) and Acts amendatory thereof, and as corrected by the Tribal Executive Committee and ratified by the Tribal Delegates, which roll shall be known as the basic membership roll of the Tribe.

(b) All children of Minnesota Chippewa Indian blood born between April 14, 1941, the date of the annuity roll, and July 3, 1961, the date of approval of the membership ordinance by the Area Director, to a parent or parents, either or both of whose names appear on the basic membership roll, provided an application for enrollment was filed with the Secretary of the Tribal Delegates by July 4, 1962, one year after the date of approval of the ordinance by the Area Director.

(c) All children of at least one quarter (1/4) degree Minnesota Chippewa Indian blood born after July 3, 1961, to a member, provided that an application for enrollment was or is filed with the Secretary of the Tribal Delegates or the Tribal Executive Committee within one year after the date of birth of such children.

Sec. 2. No person born after July 3, 1961, shall be eligible for enrollment if enrolled as a member of another tribe, or if not an American citizen.

Sec. 3. Any person of Minnesota Chippewa Indian blood who meets the membership requirements of the Tribe, but who because of an error has not been enrolled, may be admitted to membership in the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe by adoption, if such adoption is approved by the Tribal Executive Committee, and shall have full membership privileges from the date the adoption is approved.

Sec. 4. Any person who has been rejected for enrollment as a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall have the right of appeal within sixty days from the date of written notice or rejection to the Secretary of the Interior from the decision of the Tribal Executive Committee and the decision of the Secretary of Interior shall be final.

Sec. 5. Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to deprive any descendent of a Minnesota Chippewa Indian of the right to participate in any benefits derived from claims against the U.S. Government when awards are made for and on behalf and for the benefit of descendents of members of said tribe.”

In addition, The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Tribal Executive Committee approved the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Enrollment Ordinance on July 30, 2003, which clarifies the requirements for enrollment, provides further direction on the application process, and describes how to file an enrollment appeal. The Enrollment Ordinance is a useful and easy to read resource for those who want to know more about the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe’s enrollment process.

The Tribal Operations Program serves as a centralized information center providing technical assistance on areas related to Tribal membership. Enrollment staff works hard to complete regular duties such as: processing enrollment applications; producing statistical data on enrollment figures; conducting research for enrollment appeals; maintaining the Tribal database; and processing address changes, name changes, birth and death records, ID Cards, Certificates of Indian Blood, and Indian Preference Forms.

The Program serves as the Tribal Records Manager of total membership for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe by maintaining both Tribal and Federal computerized databases on an on-going basis. Enrollment actions are coordinated for each quarterly Tribal Executive Committee Meeting and upon official action appropriate data entries are made.

Enrollment Form (PDF Format)

Document Request Form (PDF Format)

Proof of Membership, Birth and Death Records
Tribal Operations provides certifications in the following areas:
• Certification of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB)
• Indian Preference (Form BIA 4432)

Enrollment Appeals
If an applicant is denied membership into the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe by official action of the Tribal Executive Committee then that individual may appeal to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Enrollment Review Committee, as established per the Enrollment Ordinance. If the Enrollment Review Committee sustains the denial of membership then the applicant may make final appeal to the Bureau of Indian Affairs as described in the Constitution and Enrollment Ordinance.

Individual Indian Monies (IIM) Accounts
Tribal Operations assists members by processing Individual Indian Monies (IIM) applications and forms.

Per Capita Roll Preparation
In accordance with 25 CFR, Part 61, Tribal Operations performs functions required for Judgment Funds Distribution.

Tribal Elections
Tribal Operations assists the Tribe and member reservations with Tribal Elections as defined in the Constitution and Election Ordinance. Assistance is given to member reservations and election boards on election timetables, election training, voter’s lists, and overall membership data.

General Administration
General assistance on issues of Tribal Government is provided to membership, the Executive Director, the Tribal Attorney, and the Tribal Executive Committee.

For answers to questions, or for additional information, please call Tribal Operations at (218) 335-8581, or mail correspondence to: Tribal Operations, The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, PO Box 217, Cass Lake, MN 56633.

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